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Film Process: Kaelin and Sully

I have a difficult time showing my unfinished work, and yet this residency is all about exploration without the expectation of having perfectly finished work.

I normally don’t share my process… or have never had to before, and I’m finding it oddly difficult.

Sharing my full process would mean showing the bits and pieces of my work that I may not like, or might not be perfected yet. This is scary, but learning to let go of the concept of perfection is going to be my mission for the rest of the residency.

Here I captured Kaelin and Sully moving together on a 16mm film. Here is an excerpted part of the film roll (Unedited). The emphasis of this exploration was nuance and touch.

Because of Covid-19, there has been a separation between bodies… An inability to touch and feel another person in a dance space. It feels like dance has become a singular expression of the body. A place where you witness bodies move in tandem without real intimacy or acknowledgment of other bodies in space.


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