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3. F|r|a|g|m|e|n|t|s

In Relation

Nothing that surrounds, especially ourselves, cannot be understood in isolation.



One morning

I woke up and my ponytail was detached from my head and left on the pillow.

it fell out in one chunk.

I started to feel scared to brush my hair, so I stopped brushing it.

then there was the comb-over time-period.

I started buying hair attachments so that no one would notice I had bald spots.


Rêves de champignons

“La conscience semble moins transparente que d'habitude,

Comme si l'air était légèrement plus épais

Et semble tout ralentir, y compris la perception”

Extrait du livre "This is your mind on Plants" auteur Michael Pollan

Mushroom Dreams

“Consciousness feels less transparent than usual,

As if the air is slightly thicker

And seems to be slowing everything down, including perception”

From the book, “This is your mind on Plants” author Michael Pollan

Window Series

Instructor: Match with your touch any pulses or vibrations you can feel in your partner's body. If you feel compelled to move gently you can.

Dancer: Fluhhhhhgggg.

Instructor: Forget meaning and interpretation.

Dancer: Hahahaha ha Woah sha (ghost style)

Instructor: Keep your spine longgggg

Dancer: Wehasha ha iga ha (as she moves towards the window, hanging half out

Instructor: And the back of your neck opennnnnnnn and RELAX.

(A man with jeans comes and waves his hand indicating to dancer to not hang out the window)

Man with Jeans: Hey, you can't hang out of the window.

Instructor: Distribute energy along your partner's body.

Dancer: just around from health camp in Soo to frame....

Instructor: Start from the extremities and move towards....

Dancer: I'm ashamed.

Instructor: And move towards the center of your body.

Dancer: Even if I didn't know I'm ashamed. Because I have a great...

Instructor: Enhance what is happening.

Dancer: capacity for shame.

Instructor: Just put your hands somewhere. Become aware of your own energy in the centre of your body. Stay open and maintain a soft gaze.



Nous avons trouvé ce champignon et nous ne connaissions pas son type.

Cette année, c'est comme se rendre.

We found this mushroom and didn’t know its’ type.

This year feels like surrendering.

From Fragments, Looking for plastic, glass and rocks on shore of St. Lawrence River near Tétreaultville with Stephanie


“llness is the night-side of life, a more onerous citizenship. Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick. Although we all prefer to use only the good passport, sooner or later each of us is obliged, at least for a spell, to identify ourselves as citizens of that other place.” From the book “Illness as a metaphor” by Susan Sontag.

Plastic When they took me in for my fitting,

I didn’t know that they would wrap my body from neck to toe with plastic.

The plastic is so flirty. All light and feathery. You don’t even consider its’ power until they begin to suck the air out between your body and the plastic.

with a very large vacuum.

Like a shop vac.

As the air leaves this space

the plastic becomes powerful.

It holds you in place.

you do not have the choice to move.

You are mummified for the time it takes for them to shoot the ray gun.



The closer we get to death, the stranger it seems.

The end cycle challenges our concept of safety

and forces us to question where our body ends

and where the other version of us begins.



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