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Tableaux Research: objects in space and new states of flow

I've been curious about how the composition of a room can impact the way I work and create movement. Today I used a foam mattress cover with flowers and spent a couple of hours generating movement.

Putting the body into any new environment will ultimately change the way it navigates the space... I think on a primitive level.

Depending on how I change the space it unlocks certain feelings, memories, sensations within me that allow me to find new pathways in my body.

Today I felt like a child... or more so I felt the transitioning out of adolescence. The feeling of blossoming, but in less of a graceful way and in more of an awkward and clumsy way. sticky with some form of shame and shyness attached to it.

I think every time I dance (for the most part) there is a big part of me that searches for the child in me. In part, because when you approach things with a mindset of a child the idea of what is right and what is the wrong sort of evaporates.

When you let go of the concept of right and wrong it's easier to tap into new forms of movement as well... ideas flow more easily and the body is less stiff.


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