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Indeterminate Romance post #7: sludge avatars and handholding

I covered a lot of ground with this scene, learning how to map video to object textures, playing around with the transformation of objects into other objects, and exploring both cleaner animation rigs as well as attaching mocap rigs to 3D meshes. The result is a combination of the legible and the inarticulate: the body here framed both as form and formlessness, or at least a type of form that is bound more to trajectories of movement than it is to materiality.

In the television set you can see the beginnings of a short video I made that datamoshes my hands with time lapses of growing mushrooms. Later a flush of pink oyster mushrooms bloom out of the green, blue and orange body sculpture, before the camera pans to find another body sculpture where my own body grows and disintegrates, mushroom like.


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