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Indeterminate Romance post #2

Yesterday I spent some time in the studio with my friend Stephanie Patsula who helped me to take 3D scans of my body. We had some good results combining two poses but also got some beautiful meshes working in stillness.

Seeing these 3D renders of my body make me think about distortion and light and the miracle of human depth perception and our ability to track objects in space without becoming confused. But there is also something supremely beautiful about the way the technology struggles with boundaries and distinction between objects through time. Through the eye of the 3D scanner there is no separation between myself in one moment and myself in the next. My movement through time is contained in one object. Sometimes that object contains more than just my body. At other times parts of my body seem to melt into the marley, leaving only a trace of blue stripes or the shape of a hand. The body reaches through space and time to become some-place and its shape is always more than the sum of its parts.


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