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Indeterminate Romance post #1

Here is a screen cap of my first foray into 3D sculpting using 3D scans of my body, some pink oyster mushrooms (now a glassy silver), and a very special CRT television displaying a real life distorted video signal.

My first week in digital residence at Linterface is just about done. I dove headlong into a lot of different ideas and explorations and I'm feeling excited about the direction my research will take over the next 5 weeks. Blender is a lot to take on as a novice, but it's extremely liberating to be able to build a virtual environment at a time when I spend most of my days inside one room. Pictured here is a tiny landscape I made using scans of my body, a little TV I use in another performance (Parallax) and a tiny bloom of pink oyster mushrooms (they are currently growing out of the little green sphere). I am fascinated by the duplication and reproduction of my body and various of my household objects in virtual space.


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